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Filtration Services

Filtration Services

Filters work better at removing solids as they collect solids – bed filtration is very effective. The filtration efficiency (both size and quantity removed) improve with use. Pressure drop increases with use and is a measure of filter life. Filtration removes solids to prevent build up of solids and helps prevent plugging in the formation. Two basic filtration systems are employed: cartridges (nominal or absolute) and filter presses (Plate and Frame or Pressure Leaf).

Alpha Integrated Energy Services provide clean fluid on site for completion, work over, gravel pack and stimulation operations to minimize formation damage and help to maximize production.

With several years experience in the industry, Alpha have identified fluid contamination as being a major factor in the longevity of system components. Correct filter selection and regular oil analysis will improve system reliability by maintaining fluid cleanliness.

Our Filtration Service Applications
  • Power Units
  • Gear Boxes
  • Mobile Plant Equipment
  • Mining Machinery
  • Lubrication Systems
  • Drill Rigs
  • Earth Moving Equipment
  • Injection Moldings
  • Process Lines
Our Filtration Expertise
  • Hydraulic Filtration
  • Process Filtration
  • Air/Gas Filtration
  • Engine Management
Service Benefits
  • Fully documented system history and fluid trend analysis
  • Access to complete filtration range
  • Any contamination issues identified and analysed with written recommendations for system improvements
  • Vendor management saves time and ensures all stock quantity is maintained to avoid unnecessary machine down time
  • Immediate response to clients’
  • Vendor Management
  • On-site Identification
  • Audits
  • Flushing
  • Oil Analysis
  • Commission
  • Training
  • Fluid Management
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