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Alpha Integrated Energy Services

Passion in Value Added Services


Maintaining Quality Management System

We are Committed to a Quality Management System which is Customer Focused, Process Driven & Performance Improvement oriented that conforms to the ISO 9001: 2015 Standard.




Solid Control

Solid Control Equipment Alpha Integrated Energy Services supplies various solid control equipment to dry drilled…

Filtration Services

Fluid Filtration Filters work better at removing solids as they collect solids – bed filtration…

Wellbore Cleanout Tool Services

Wellbore Cleanout Tools Services Alpha Integrated Energy Services employs various types of sophisticated equipment to…


Innovative Engineering

Here at Alpha, working smarter is not by chance. Our training and equipment enable you, our esteemed client, to work faster, smarter, and more proficiently.

Proficient Solutions

We provide solutions that are both effective and efficient to help keep our clients’ business competitive and adaptive to changes in the energy industry.

Exceptional Service

You are always the reason why we are in play. Our well-trained human capacity and high-tech resources are better than ever to continue providing top-notch services.

Awesome Results

Because we know the result tells it all, we ensure to implement global best practices in all our efforts. With excellence, we celebrate our great outcomes.


Alpha is a dedicated and passionate oil & gas servicing company with its strong and diverse customer base which includes multinational oil and gas exploration and production companies and many of the large, medium and small scale oil servicing companies.
We are geared by passion for our value added services. Our passion is our business. Alpha Integrated Energy Services Limited is an independent 100% Nigerian owned oil and gas service company registered in Nigeria in November 2002. Actual operations commenced in November

Almost a decade of experience

We have been in the oil gas service business for almost a decade now and still forging ahead. We know our onion, and we’ve nurtured it to grow, stay fresh and useful.

Client-Focused Solutions

We owe our success to you our esteemed clients and partners, that is why we have always maintained a client-oriented standard to enable us serve you well as always.

Health and Safety Compliance

Our Health, Safety and Environment policies are without compromise. We build resources and solutions that demands these standards to be adhered to at all cost.

Modern Oil & Gas Equipment

Alpha Tough Boy tools are those that are of internationally acceptable standards, modern, state of the art, tough and highly applicable to various oil and gas services.

Profitable Growth

It is now a known fact that Alpha Integrated Energy Services has successfully grown alongside her partners and clients. Happily, we make sure you grow with us.

Improving Always

It is a known fact that change is constant. And what we do here at Alpha is to change and improve for the best. That is why we cease every opportunity to develop.


Solid Control

Solid Control Equipment Alpha Integrated Energy Services supplies various solid control equipment to dry drilled…
June 13, 2023