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For an accounting translation of the Anthropocene: fuelling the debate on planetary boundaries

accounting translation

The residual INTEREST in the assets of a business entity that remains after deducting the entity’s liabilities. Type of incorporated organization in which no stockholder or TRUSTEE shares in profits or losses and which usually exists to accomplish some charitable, humanitarian, or educational purpose. Excess or DEFICIT of total REVENUES and GAINS compared with total expenses and losses for an ACCOUNTING period. Takeover of a private company’s assets or operations by a government. BOND issued by a government or public body, the INTEREST on which is typically exempt from federal taxation. A complete record of the transactions recorded in each individual account.

  • Process designed to provide reasonable assurance regarding achievement of various management objectives such as the reliability of financial reports.
  • Sales of products, merchandise, and services; and earnings from INTEREST, DIVIDEND, rents.
  • Monetary accounts are those items that represent a fixed amount of money, either to be received or paid, such as cash, debtors, creditors, and loans.
  • System whereby individuals and companies that are concerned about potential hazards pay premiums to an insurance company, which reimburses them in the event of loss.
  • A temporary ACCOUNT used under the PERIODIC INVENTORY SYSTEM to record the TOTAL COST of all MERCHANDISE purchased for resale during an accounting period.

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accounting price

The lawyer hires the CPA to do the investigation and determine the amount of money stolen or understated. DEBT SECURITIES issued by companies with higher than normal credit risk. Considered “non-investment grade” bonds, these SECURITIES ordinarily yield a higher rate of interest to compensate for the additional risk. The sum of beginning inventory and the net cost of purchases during a period; the total goods available for sale to customers during an accounting period. An independent agency that reviews federal financial transactions and reports directly to Congress. Prospective FINANCIAL STATEMENTS that are an entity’s expected financial position, results of operations, and cash flows.

accounting translation

Foreign currency translation is the accounting method in which an international business translates the results of its foreign subsidiaries into domestic currency terms so that they can be recorded in the books of account. The likes of Apple seek to overcome adverse fluctuations in foreign exchange rates by hedging their exposure to currencies. Foreign exchange (forex) derivatives, such as futures contracts and options, are acquired to enable companies to lock in a currency rate and ensure that it remains the same over a specified period of time. A trial balance is a report of the balances of all general ledger accounts at a point in time.


A taxpayer’s adjusted basis in property is deducted from the amount realized to find the gain or loss on sale or disposition. The relationship of a company’s current assets that can be converted into cash to its current liabilities. All our linguists are native speakers of your target language for guaranteed fluency, but our accountancy team also have expert financial knowledge. They understand A Deep Dive into Law Firm Bookkeeping the complexities of international financial systems and ensure your accounting reports are professional. If the foreign entity being consolidated has a different balance sheet date than that of the reporting entity, use the exchange rate in effect as of the foreign entity’s balance sheet date. You need to ensure that all your financial statements use the reporting currency.

A gift may be subject to the unified estate and gift transfer tax. Collection of all ASSET, LIABILITY, owners EQUITY, REVENUE, and expense accounts. Conventions, rules, and procedures necessary to define accepted accounting practice at a particular time. The highest level of such principles are set by the FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING STANDARDS BOARD (FASB). Transferable agreement to deliver or receive during a specific future month a standardized amount of a commodity.

Unearned Income

An LLC is formed by filing ARTICLES OF ORGANIZATION with an appropriate state official. The use of borrowed funds to increase the profit from an investment. Owner of property, the temporary use of which is transferred to another (LESSEE) under the terms of a LEASE. Individual or firm that extends money to a borrower with the expectation of being repaid, usually with INTEREST. Agreement providing that portions of lease payments may be applied toward the purchase of the property under lease. Doctrine that interference of government in business and economic affairs should be minimal.

  • Companies that own assets in foreign countries, such as plants and equipment, must convert the value of those assets from the foreign currency to the home country’s currency for accounting purposes.
  • Last day the AUDITORS perform fieldwork and the last day of responsibility relating to significant events subsequent to the financial statement date.
  • The gain or loss on a put is short or long term depending on the holding period of the stock involved.
  • If one taxpayer itemizes then the other is required to by law even if the married filing separate taxpayer is unknowing of what is included on the spouses separate return.
  • Probable future economic benefits obtained as a result of past transactions or events.

This allows others within the business to understand those projections’ potential impacts in relatable terms. Tracking operations that record, administrate, and analyze the compensation paid to employees are collectively known as payroll accounting. Payroll also includes fringe benefits distributed to employees and income taxes withheld from their paychecks. A liability (LIAB) occurs when an individual or business owes money to another person or organization.

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